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Nicole's Fishtrap
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Morrie & Susan, Owners
Nicole, Owner & Proprietor
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About Nicole's Fishtrap
Nicole's Fishtrap is family owned and operated by Morrie and Susan Mickelson and children Nicole Baynes, Noelle Heinrich and Bert Mickelson.  We bought the bar in November 2011 and opened in January 2012.  Nicole is the proprietor so please stop by and say 'hi'.  Like most small businesses OVER capitalization is not a problem.  So we watch the money, offer a limited (but we strive for good) menu, good service and reasonable prices.  As time passes menu expansion and beer and wine selections will increase.  Hopefully there will be some creative and fun happenings along the way.  Stop by during our 'Less Unhappy Hours' daily from 16:16 to 19:19. (Nauti-Cole Time)  Really, who is truly happy in this economy?  Our plan is to get the place open, rolling along, wait for the economy to pick up and sell.  We're thinking about 20+ years.  Hope to see you soon!
Both Morrie & Susan are currently living in Tacoma.  Susan is a manager of an appliance store.  Morrie is a Merchant Marine.  They also have several rental properties...including a vacation rental in Long Beach.
Nicole is currently living in Chinook...she moved down from Tacoma in January 2012 to run the bar.  This is her first time living in a small town so she is slowly but surely getting use to living in the "boonies", as she would say.
Noelle is currently living in Tacoma.  She is student teaching while finishing her schooling.  She is also working at Safeway.  Busy girl!
Noelle, Owner
Bert, Owner
Bert graduated from the ROTC Program at Arizona State University in 2012.  Soon after he was shipped off to the east for work...still waiting on an update from him.
Carey, Too Young to be Owner
A shout out to Carey, AKA Care Bear!  She is the baby of the family and too young to be an owner.